Creatures Of The Tranch

Creatures of the Trench

Not to far from Japan lays one of the deepest parts of the ocean, the Marianna Trench. There are some very unique creatures that thrive in these deep waters. One of the sharks that roam this area is called the goblin shark, if you saw a picture of one you would understand why it got it’s name. Its mouth and jaws are shaped very oddly compared to a normal shark. There are some fish that live in these freezing waters that produce natural light from bacteria in their bodies. One of these particular fish uses a lure that lights up to attract prey, this fish is called the angler fish and it is a scary looking devil. Another unique animal that lives in the trench is the Frilled shark, this shark has 25 rows of teeth and takes 3.5 years to give birth! The trench would not be complete without its very own octopi, one of the octopi species is the telescope octopus which has very sharp vision in these dark waters, its body is transparent which kind of resembles a ghost. There are many species in the Marianna Trench that are unidentified or undiscovered. Check out the video to see what national geographic has uncovered in this deep, dark, cold place. 

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