A BIG thank you for Doug!

A ticket was received: --------------------------------------------------- From: Jaime Fortwangler Subject: Aqua Engineering & Equipment, Inc.: CRM Request Message: I own Riley’s Reef Aquariums in Jupiter Florida. Recently I ran into issues due to my lack of knowledge about our RO system in our shop. I knew that the previous owner used Aqua FX and we have ordered from y’all in the past. I called in today and spoke with Doug and explained my issues. Doug took the time to patiently explain the system and how it works and then walked me thru fixing my issues. I had to call in twice because of my lack of knowledge and both times Doug took the time to get me thru the issues. In the end my system is now working properly and only because of Doug’s assistance. Being a new owner of Riley’s Reef I am not even sure of Doug’s position at Aqua FX however I am extremely grateful of the service he provided. Due to Doug’s help and excellent customer service I will promote Aqua Fx to our customers and continue to use Aqua FX for our needs in the shop. A big thank you to Doug for all the help today!!!!!! Jaime. Riley’s Reef.
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