What makes our AquaFX Deionization / DI Resins & Filters Better?

If you are looking for a better DI Filter or Resin, look no further! 

AquaFX use DI Resin are: 

  •  made in the USA 
  • virgin, nuclear-grade, resin 
  • packed in-house in small batches 
Resin made overseas can vary significantly in quality. Not only is lower-quality materials used, lower quality-control practices are also common. Additionally, they often spend several months in transit in non-temperature controlled containers / shipping yards / warehouses: which further deteriorates the performance of the resin. This combination of lower quality product combined with poor handling leads to crapshoot quality and performance.

Regenerated / recycled resin is another issue to watch out for. While regenerated DI resin is much cheaper, it can leach unknown impurities back in to your water and it’s holding capacity is significantly diminished. Each time DI resin is regenerate with strong acids and strong bases, it's performance and capacity is significantly reduced.

One other reason to choose AquaFX DI Filters and Resin is that our DI Filters and DI Resin Refills are packed fresh in-house in small batches. This way, we are able to carefully check each batch and your DI Filter/Resin is never improperly stored or handled;  such as open bags getting contaminated or unsold products sitting in a hot warehouse getting old and dried-up. It is crucial that we know and can monitor the quality of the DI resin that goes into each and every one of our DI Filters and Resin Refills; along with having full control over the procedure of how exactly everything is done.

For all the reasons above, here at AquaFX we have always used US-Made resin that are virgin, nuclear-grade and we have packaged our own resin for the past 20+ years. Being such an important part of your RODI system, anything less would be a compromise we are unwilling to make.

Better filters, better service!