Ultimate Whole House Filtration Combo

Want better, healthier & cleaner, water at home? Many of us are tired and scared of the ill effects of all the harsh chemicals and pollutants that are found in our city water. These include chlorine/chloramines, arsenic, mercury, bacteria, viruses, pesticides/herbicides and over 100 other unwanted chemical/pollutants. Additionally, many of us are having to deal with hard water that causes limescale on our faucets, soap scum, damage to our appliance and plumbing, dry/frizzy hair and irritated skin.  

Fortunately, we have the ultimate solution to fix all these problems. The triple-threat combo includes our 3-5 bathroom Whole-House Carbon Filtration System, 4800-Grain Water Softener and our 4-Stage Drinking Water System. Our system will give you cleaner and healthier water throughout your entire house and provide your family with purified drinking water that is better for your body and your health. 

AquaFX Whole House Carbon Filter

First stage is our Whole House Carbon Filter. This filter will give you chlorine/chloramines-free showers that are healthier for your hair and skin. It also provides better tasting and odorless water for cooking and for your pets. This whole-house carbon filter packs 1.5 cubic feet of the highest-quality Catalytic Carbon that helps to remove chlorine, chloramines, pesticides/herbicides along with toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs), SOCs, THMs. A pleated 20-micron sediment filter is installed before the carbon tower to help remove any rust, sand, dirt and other particulates. An 1-micron sediment post-filter is also installed to filter out any carbon fines, silt and any other fine particulates. 


Second stage is the water softener. The water softener removes hard minerals that cause soap scum and limescale that clog up your faucets and pipes. Not only do you get softer skin & healthier hair, you can also save up to 50% on soaps and detergents. Other benefits include cleaner laundry and dishes, a lower utility bill from a more-efficient water heater, reduced plumbing maintenance costs and extended service life of many of your appliances.