Seahorse: Perfect RO and RO/DI systems for smaller aquariums and apartment/condo dwellers!

The Seahorse is the perfect RO and RO/DI systems for hobbyists with smaller aquariums and apartment/condo dwellers!  

Having pure water is crucial for every aquarium hobbyist. Fish, corals, plants & inverts all depend on having pure, clean, water to live and to thrive! For those with smaller aquariums that only need a few gallons of water a week, a full-size RO or RO/DI system may not be necessary as they are paying for extra filtration capacity is not needed. 

For those that live in apartments or condos, finding space for a full-size RO or RO/DI system may be difficult. However, we all want the convenience of having access to pure and clean water at home without having to deal with the hassle of buying water from a store: whether it is due to a store that is located far away, inconvenient store hours, expensive water prices or having to lug around heavy water jugs.


Additionally, making your own purified water allows for the peace of mind of being able to monitor your filter system and control the quality of the water produced: taking any guesswork of knowing out of knowing how good or bad the water you are using is.  

The Seahorse RO and RO/DI is the perfect solution in these scenarios! With all Seahorse systems priced at under $100, these RO and RO/DI systems are super affordable. AquaFX Seahorse systems feature the same made-in-the-USA RO membranes and DI resin (for RO/DI Systems) as our full-size systems, so you are not sacrificing water quality. Additionally, every Seahorse system is built in-house and goes through the same quality-assurance checked as our larger systems.  


The portable and compact size of the Seahorse is another great feature. Compared to full-size RO and RO/DI systems, the Seahorse is approximately half the size and 1/4 of the weight: making it super easy to move around and store away. 

Water is first filtered by the inline sediment filter that removes dirt, sand, rust and silt. Water then travels through the inline carbon filter where chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and other unwanted chemicals are removed. From there, water goes through the heart of the filter; the RO membrane. The RO membrane effectively removes up to 99% of over 100 water impurities. For systems equipped with a DI  (Deionization) cartridge, water from the RO membrane is then polished by the DI cartridge; removing any leftover impurities and giving you pure, zero TDS, water!