Save Money and Drink Healthier Water with an AquaFX Drinking Water System

Stop wasting money on bottled water and start making purified and healthier water at home with an AquaFX Drinking Water System

Water, it makes up 60% of your body. Not only does water quench your thirst, it also is key in numerous crucial functions of your body, including: allowing your body’s cells to grow/reproduce/survive, flushing body waste, aid digestion, allowing your brain to manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters and much more! 

While it is important to replenish your body with water, it is just as important that the water you are replenishing your body with is pure and healthy. There are numerous contaminants found in municipal and well water that can potentially be very bad for your health and your body. Below are some of these contaminants and their effects. 

These are common contaminants found in drinking water:  

- Chlorine - chlorine is a disinfectant. In severe cases, it will make you tap water smell like swimming pool water. Chlorine can cause several issues including: eczema, eye/nose irritation, stomach discomfort, skin irritation.  

- Chloramines - Chloramines is a more-aggressive disinfectant used by municipalities. While great for sanitation as it stays in the water longer, it is even less-ideal for drinking water. In addition to the health risks associated with chlorine, chloramines can further cause and aggravate respiratory problems, congestion, sinus congestion and asthma. Chloramines can especially be a problem for people on dialysis as the chlorine and ammonia that makes up chloramines can enter a patient’s blood and develop a type of anemia where the blood cannot carry enough oxygen to the body’s cells. 

- Bacteria, Cysts & Viruses - that can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and muscle cramps. Some diseases can also be caused by drinking contaminated water; such as: typhoid fever, cholera, giardia, dysentery, E.coli, hepatitis A and salmonella.

Hydrogen Sulfide - that rotten egg smell that can occur with poor-treated water. While it does not pose a health risk in most cases, it makes the water smell and taste horrible. 

Lead - high levels can enter your bloodstream, accumulate over time and cause high blood lead levels. It interferes with brain function and red blood cell production. It can also cause kidney damage. 

Nitrates - high levels of nitrate in water can cause shortness of breath, affect how blood carries oxygen, increase cause of cancer and the “blue baby syndrome”. 

Fluorides -  elevated levels of fluorides can cause skeletal fluorosis where fluoride bulbs up in your bones and cause joint stiffness/pain, weakening bones, arthritis, osteoporosis and other joint-related issues. mottled teeth. 

Arsenic - arsenic is poisonous. Long-term exposure to low levels of arsenic in drinking water is known to cause issues such as: cancel, thickening and discoloration of skin, high blood pressure, heart disease, numbness/pain and more. 

Tannins & Turbidity - while there are no health risks associated with tannins turbidity, it causes milkiness in water, discoloration, odor and poor taste. 

Pesticides, Herbicides and other Chemical and Toxins (PCB, MTBE, THM & TCE) associated with cancer and birth defects. 

High TDS - other unknown impurities found in trace amounts that can impact your health. 

While purchasing bottled water may seem like a good solution, it is not nearly as affordable nor as safe as you think. In 2022, a family spends an average of $1,350 a year on bottled drinking water. Not only is bottled water expensive, it also causes a heavy burden on the environment with all the plastic bottles that end up in landfills and in the ocean. With almost half of bottled water coming from a tap, bottled water is sometimes less healthy than even tap water as publicly-sourced tap water is tested for contamination annually and municipalities are required to report water quality parameters annually (according to the Save Water Drinking Act). Lastly, the type of plastic (polyethylene terephthalate, or PET) used for water bottles and the excessive amounts of microplastics found in water bottles are also major causes of concern.

Fortunately, there is a more-affordable, more-healthy and more environmentally friendly way to obtain safe drinking water. AquaFX Drinking Water Systems not only give ultra-pure & healthy drinking water, they also cost just a fraction of bottled water. An average 20oz bottle of water costs $1.50, while that cost is less than $0.02 from an RO system. Our drink water systems utilize reverse osmosis and activated-carbon filtration to remove unwanted chemicals/toxins/odor and other impurities. Our RO membranes are made-in-the-USA and remove up to 99% of many of the unwanted impurities; such  as arsenic, bacteria, chlorine, fluoride, iron, nitrate and much more!