Reverse Osmosis  Water for your Chickens
I'd like to share an amazing result using Reverse Osmosis Water for your chickens. After being contacted by an Organic Chicken Farmer about Reverse Osmosis equipment to make water for his chickens, I decided I needed to see what the deal was. Now I want to share this with you. 
 Our first organic commercial farmer contacted us and spent a considerable amount of money on a total purification system for his well water, which included a large RO machine. After his system was installed we received more calls from his friends and neighbors with questions and orders. The folks I spoke with were VERY knowledgeable and generous with the information they had. We were able to increase their egg yield as well as improve the general health of their chickens. 
 One example; well water high in magnesium lead to very loose bowels and sickly chickens, this was an extreme example and easy to understand. Once the RO was installed the health of his chickens was optimized. Not only was the magnesium removed but the pH was balanced. This particular farmer was extremely sceptical, he really was pleased when he got the result he was hoping for and more! 
 There has been an increase in water purification in many aspects of our lives, some you won't even think about. If you already own an RO machine, use it. Use it for plants, animals and human consumption. 
 If you don't own one, consider all the good it can do for you in your life. It is amazing to see the difference pure water makes. Oh and the picture is of a few of the eggs we produced here. You may notice the size, they are all large, but one of them is a monster!