RO/DI System too slow? Here is how to make more water!

Is your RO/DI water production too slow? Want to make more water and faster? 

Let us show you how

An RO or RO/DI system makes water slowly. A 50GPD system will make 50 gallons of water in a 24 hour period: which is approximately 2 gallons per hour. A 100GPD system will make approximately 4 gallons per hour. This output is rated at a supply water pressure of 65PSI, a temperature of 77°F and a TDS of 250PPM or less.  

Lower water pressure, lower temperature or higher TDS can all decrease the water output significantly. As an example, a 10-degree drop in temperature will lower output by 15% and a 30-degree drop will lower output by almost 40%. Similarly, a 10PSI drop in water pressure and lower output by nearly 20%. Below 40PSI, your system may not make any water at all. Often, a combination of the factors (temperature / pressure / TDS) can make it feel like your system is barely producing any water.  

So, how do you make more water, and quicker? 

If your water pressure is below 60PSI, our first recommendation is to add a booster pump. The optimal water pressure for an RO or RO/DI system is 80PSI. Not only will higher water pressure allow your system to make water quicker, the RO membrane actually works more efficiently and will give you a better rejection rate. Our AquaFX Booster pump is easy to install and includes a high-pressure switch for easy operation. Adding a booster pump is usually the quickest and easier way to increase water production and boost system performance. We offer a standard booster pump kit kit for systems up to 100GPD and a high-flow booster pump kit for systems up to 300GPD. 

If your water pressure is already higher than 65PSI, we would recommend adding a piggy-back kit (also called water-saver kit). The piggy-back kits adds a second RO Membrane to your system and can double your water production. 

Each piggy-back kit includes the RO Membrane, the housing and all the necessary plumbing parts. Please do note that the output rating of the piggy-back kit must match your current RO membrane. If you have a 50GPD System, you will want the 50GPD piggy-back kit (or change your current RO Membrane to a 100GPD RO Membrane then add a 100GPD piggy-back kit).  

Piggy-back kits can be installed in parallel to maximize output. Or, they can be installed in-series to reduce waste-water while increasing product-water output. By adding a high-flow booster pump and adding two 100GPD piggy-back kits, your RO/DI system can produce up to 300GPD (approximately 12.5 gallons per hour) of purified, ZERO TDS, water! Dirty/clogged prefilters and membranes can also reduce output. 

Make sure your sediment and carbon blocks are changed regularly and your RO membrane is flushed regularly. An RO Membrane Flush Kit can be easily added to help prolong RO Membrane life and help maintain output. Over time, particulates can clog the inner surfaces of the RO Membrane. A flush kit allows the system to bypass the flow restrictor and sends a strong stream of water down the RO membrane to flush out the particulates.  

If your supply water contains very high TDS (500PPM or higher), a whole-house water softener may be a worthwhile upgrade. Not only will the softener boost the performance and increase the life of your RO/DI system filters, it will also help with water hardness problems throughout your entire house. 

Here at AquaFX, we offer better filter, better service! We can help solve any water quality and filtration issues. If you need assistance, we are here to help!