Popular RO/DI System Add-Ons and Accessories

AquaFX offers a plethora of different RO/DI accessories to make your RO or RO/DI system function more efficiently and easier to use. Here are a few of our popular accessories / add-ons that you may want to consider. 

automatics shut-off kit

The ASO (auto shut off) Valve is the most-popular upgrade. Adding an ASO Valve shuts off your entire RODI system without the hassle of needing you to shut off your source/feed water each time. With an ASO Valve installed on your RO/DI system, you can install a float valve in your water reservoir and have the RO/DI system automatically shut off when your reservoir is full. Or, you can install a ball valve on the end of your product water line and have the RO/DI system shut off when you close the ball valve: making things super convenient. The ASO Valve is offered as a stand-alone kit, or with a Float Valve. The Standard ASO works well for most applications. The High-Pressure ASO works well for applications where pressure is higher than 55PSI and is the correct ASO if you are using a booster pump. 

A Booster Pump Kit is another popular add on that will significantly increase the performance of your RO/DI system. RO membranes performs best at 80PSI: giving you the fastest water output and wasting the least amount of water. The closer you can get to 80PSI, the better your RO/DI system will work. If your water pressure is less than 45PSI, adding a booster pump is a must. 

One other way to increase output and waste less water is adding a Piggy-Back (or water-saver) kit. A piggy-back kit adds a second, or third, RO Membrane to your system: which doubles or triples your water output. If plumbed in-series, you can also reduce waste-water as it takes the waste-water from your first RO membrane and processes it through a second membrane to make more product/clean water. Keep in mind that higher water pressure is required to run multiple membranes (65PSI, minimum, or a booster pump will be required). 

AquaFX RO/DI Flush Kit

The next most-popular accessory is a Flush Kit. It is an inexpensive add on and helps to extend the life of your RO Membranes. The Flush Kit allows you to bypass the flow restrictor and shoots a strong stream of water through your RO Membrane. This helps to flush out trapped detritus and sediments that can clog up the RO membrane over time. A Flush Kit will help maintain optimal performance can extend the usable life of your RO Membrane by up to 30%. We recommend flushing your system for 1-2 minutes before and after every use. 

Our Adjustable Flow Restrictor is another note-worthy accessory. Water pressure, temperature can vary significantly depending on your location. While the standard flow restrictor works well for most applications, its pre-set back-pressure may not always be optimal. Additionally, cost of water also varies significantly. In areas with very high water bills, customers may want to reduce waste-water output to save money and sacrifice RO membrane life. In areas with extremely high TDS, customers may need to allow for more waste water to obtain a lower-TDS product water. The Adjustable Flow Restrictor allows the user to fine-tune their exact waste-to-product water ratio to achieve the performance they desire. 

The Creep Killer is a very useful accessory that we designed and manufacture. It is extremely popular with stores and coral farmers that have big water vats! Ideally, you want to make water in large batches to minimize ‘TDS Creep’. RO/DI systems require water pressure to purify the water. When your system first turns on, it takes a minute or two for the water to pressurize in the RO Membrane housing. During this period, water produced will be higher in TDS: this is referred to as TDS Creep. With a regular float valve kit installed in your reservoir, the RO/DI system will turn on and make water each time the water level drops and the float valve opens. For stores, coral farmers or hobbyists with multiple tanks that draw water from the reservoir frequently, this can cause the RO/DI system to make water in very small batches. TDS Creep can be quite problematic in this scenario and can exhaust your DI resin quickly. The Creep Kill utilizes two floats installed in your water reservoir that turns the RO/DI system on and off. Water is turned off when it reaches the top float and the system remains off until water drops below the bottom float. This allows the RO/DI system to run for a much longer duration each time water and minimize the effects of TDS Creep.  

Our Leak-Stop Valve Valve is another useful accessory for your RO/DI system and your aquarium. These Leak-Stop Valves are super affordable and easy to install with quick-connect fittings. Place the Valve near your sump or your water station and it will shut off the water flow whenever water is detected.  

In addition to these popular RO/DI accessories, we have everything you can possibly need for your RO/DI system. Visit our website and email us or give us a call: we are happy to help! Here at AquaFX, we offer Better Filter, Better Service!