Our Best-Selling RO/DI System - Barracuda Glacial

Here at AquaFX, we offer the largest selection of RO and RO/DI systems: over 50 different models and variations as a matter of fact! There is, however, one system that is more popular than any other: our AquaFX Barracuda Glacial 100GPD RO/DI System

Best RODI System - AquaFX Barracuda Glacial

So, what makes the Barracuda Glacial so great and so popular?  The Barracuda Glacial has the perfect combination of (1) giving you great-quality water, (2) having the most-convenient features/accessories, and (3) offering you excellent value. This combination makes it extremely popular and ideal for just about every aquarium hobbyist!  

As with all AquaFX RO/DI systems, each Barracuda Glacial RO/DI System is built right here in Winter Park, Florida. This allows us to inspect and control the quality of each part that goes into our awesome RO/DI systems. We use the highest-quality, made-in-the-USA RO Membranes and we hand-pack each DI filter with the best deionization resin that is virgin, nuclear-grade and also made in the USA!  

AquaFX Back-Lit Dual TDS Meter

One of the most-convenient features on the Barracuda Glacial is the back-lit Dual TDS Meter. Unlike other TDS meters available, our TDS meter is back-lit and super easy to read. It is also easy to calibrate and you don’t need to take apart the meter to calibrate it. 

AquaFX Flush Kit

Another great feature of the Barracuda Glacial is the flush kit. Over time, scale can accumulate and cause the RO membrane to become clogged: resulting in reduced performance and premature failure of the RO membrane. In cities with hard water, this can be quite a problem. Flushing the membrane weekly helps to remove build-up on the RO membrane: which can extend RO membrane life by 30% and help maintain system performance.  

The Barracuda Glacial also includes a convenient ASO (auto shut-off) valve. The ASO valve allows you to install a float or a ball valve on the product water line and shut off the entire system when the float is triggered or when the ball valve is closed. 

All AquaFX systems come with heavy-duty metal brackets (compared to cheap/brittle plastic brackets that most others use). The brackets are also powder coated for durability. We also offer replacement parts for every component of our RO & RO/DI filter systems, so our customers are never left with an un-fixable system. 

With these great features and our best-in-class after-sale service and support, it is easy to see why our Barracuda Glacial is so popular and why it is the best RO/DI system for many aquarium hobbyists. Call us at 407-599-2123 or email us at [email protected] Today! 

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