Marlin PRO - Perfect for any Aquarium / Pet Store or Coral Farm

Looking for an awesome filtration system for your aquarium, reptile or pet store? Or, do you have a monster-size tank at home and your current RO/DI system is just not cutting it? 

Check out our Marlin PRO that reliably makes up to 1,000GPD and can tackle just about any water issue and will provide amazing and healthy water for all the animals under your care. 

Each Marlin Pro is hand-built in our Winter Park, Florida facility. Filtration starts with a monster 10x54” Up-flow Carbon Tower filled with our Chloramine Blaster Carbon. Not only is the Chloramine Blaster Carbon perfect for dealing with chloramines issues, this medical-grade carbon is also better at removing chlorine, pesticides, VOC’s, THMs and other unwanted chemicals.  

With most of the unwanted chemicals removed, water then passes through three sediment filters: a 20-micron pleated sediment filter to remove larger particulates, then two 1-micron poly-blown sediment filters to remove any remaining sediments, sand, dirt, rust, silt and sand. The pleated sediment filter is washable and can be reused up to 5 times to save you money.