Introducing our new 7-Stage WHALE SHARK!
We are excited to announce our newest RO/DI system... the 7-Stage WHALE SHARK! 

We have made numerous custom units for our customers and decided it was time to offer it to all of our customers. The highlight of the WHALE SHARK is the triple-stage DI: featuring a cation cartridge, an anion cartridge and a mix-bed cartridge. The 3 DI cartridges purifies water effectively and efficiently. As water quality varies significantly, cation and anion resin gets consumed at different rates. Having separate cartridges allows you to visually see how quickly each resin is being consumed and only replace the exhausted resin when necessary. The 3rd mix-bed resin is a catch-all that will help to ensure you get ZERO TDS, ultra-pure, water!


Another unique feature is our TRUE 1:1 RO Membrane. This innovative membrane produces a True 1-to-1 waste-to-product water ration. Not only does it help save on your water bill, wasting less water is also great for the environment. 

The WHALE SHARK also features high quality components as with all of our systems and is built in the USA! Each unit is hand made in Winter Park, FL and is each is inspected and pressure-tested before it ship out to you. 

We offer both a standard WHALE SHARK system and a WHALE SHARK system with Chloramine Blaster cartridges. Either is available in 100GPD or 200GPD. Check them out today!