RO Membrane cleaner

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RO Membrane cleaner
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Membrane Cleaner - from AquaFX

Hard water is one of the leading causes for RO membrane failure. Replacing the RO membrane used to be the most convenient way to deal with the issue (when softening the water was not feasible due to space or economics.) 

Treating your RO membrane with our Antiscalant will help to remove excess and built up scale on the RO membrane. This can be used when RO membranes begin to under produce, but for the best results this should be used as a periodic treatment to your RO membrane. 

Try cleaning your RO membrane before replacing it. This media will work on residential RO membranes as well as commercial RO membranes. 2.5x21 4x21 2.5x40 4x40

 This media is sold by the pound and in bulk - so you will need a refillable shell and a matching canister housing the hold the refillable shell. You should NEVER run your RO system without ensuring the water is dechlorinated.  

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