40 GAL "Creep Killer" Storage Tank

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AquaFX Creep Killer Storage Tank

If your RO (RO/DI) system is constantly turning on to make up a small amount of top off water, then you are going thru DI resin faster than you should be!

TDS Creep is a phenomenon is which the TDS out of an RO membrane is a very HIGH value vs. the TDS that the user will see in as little as 30 seconds after the system begins to make water. 

RO Membranes all experience TDS creep upon startup, every single time they start up - so reducing the amount of "start-stops" that an RO system experiences will directly translate to longer lasting DI resin.

Reduce TDS creep and SAVE BIG money on DI Resin with the AquaFX dual float "creep killer" storage tank. Available in 100 gal upon request. This tank can pay for its self in as little as 7 months!

Simply put - the tank uses 2 floats and a 110v solenoid to control the flow out of or into the RO/DI system. The solenoid will close when both floats are "up" - then the solenoid will only open once the bottom float falls.

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