Clear Blaster All-In-One Filtration Media - More than just awesome carbon!

As aquarium hobbyists, we have all seen the benefits of running activated carbon in our systems. Activated carbon does an excellent job of clearing up our aquariums and removing tannins that cause discoloration, odors caused by organic compounds produced by your fish and corals and other undesirable chemical compounds in your aquarium. By removing many of these undesirable chemicals, not only will your aquarium look better, your fish and corals will also become healthier. 

A great activated carbon is the first ingredient in the AquaFX Clear Blaster All-in-One Filtration Media. Clear Blaster uses only the best activated carbon for aquariums: ROX 0.8 Carbon. ROX 0.8 has long been considered to be the best aquarium carbon by aquarium hobbyists and professionals. ROX 0.8 contains a large variety of small/medium/large pore sizes and a vast amount of surface area that allows it to adsorb a ton of impurities, fast! It also contains minimal dust so it rinses quickly and is super easy to use. With an iodine number of 1000 (min), a surface area of 1225 m2/g, a Methylene Blue Adsorption of 24g/100g and an ash content of less than 3%, ROX 0.8 Carbon’s superior performance is fully proven by laboratory test results. 


The second, and equally important, ingredient in the Clear Blaster AIO Filter Media is our Organic Blaster Media. Organic Blaster is a very effective organic scavenger that removes proteins, nitrites and nitrates, ammonia, and a broad spectrum of harmful organics. The removal of proteins before they break down also helps to control phosphates that causes algae problems: which can also help to reduce the need for frequent water changes.  

This highly-effective combination of the best activated carbon and superior organic scavenger media is the ultimate filtration media one-two punch that will clarify your aquarium, remove organics/tannins, remove odors, improve fish/coral health and reduce algae growth. 

AquaFX Clear Blaster Filter Media

The Clear Blaster AIO Media is available in two sizes: Nano for aquariums up to 35 gallons and Regular for aquariums up to 70 gallons. Each is also available in bulk, 5-pack. The Clear Blaster can be placed in a hang-on power filter, a canister filter, in a sump filter cup, or in a high-flow area in your sump. For freshwater aquariums, the Clear Blaster is good for up to 3 months. For saltwater/reef aquariums, the Clear Blaster can last up to 2 months: depending on your bioload.