Blue Fin & Blue Fin PRO RO/DI Systems - 500GPD WITHOUT a Booster Pump!

Need Lots of Clean Water, Fast? Our Blue Fin & Blue Fin PRO may be just what you have been looking for! 

 Our Light-Commercial Blue Fin and Blue Fin PRO RO/DI Systems are perfect for coral farmers, small/medium size aquarium stores that do not sell water and hobbyists with large/multiple aquariums!

Finally, there is an ideal solution for those needing more water than what a residential RO/DI system can provide, but are not quite ready to upgrade to a full-sized commercial RO/DI system.  

With residential systems, the maximum output is capped at 300GPD with three 100GPD RO membranes along with a booster pump. 

RO/DI System Sizes

Our new Blue Fin and Blue Fin PRO deliver up to 500 gallons per day of purified water, without requiring a booster pump. While an optional booster pump upgrade is available for the Blue Fin PRO, it is required only if your water pressure is less than 45PSI, or if you go through a ton of water and would like to maximize water output and optimize waste-to-product water ratio. When compared to standard-sized RO membranes, not only does the 500GPD RO Membrane have the same high-rejection rate, its much larger physical size allows the 500GPD RO membrane to filter more than three times the amount of water versus a standard-sized RO membrane. 

Blue Fin Membrane Size Comparison

Also featured on the Blue Fin and Blue Fin PRO are large 10”x4.5” sediment, carbon and DI filters. These larger cartridges allow for longer contact times for improved efficiency and the bonus of having to service the filters half as often. For stores and coral farms, this translates to less time servicing the equipment and more time fragging corals and servicing your customers. 

Blue Fin Replacement Filter Set

Both the Blue Fin and Blue Fin PRO come with pressure gauges and back-lit TDS meters for monitoring system performance. ASO (auto-shut-off) valves are standard so you can connect the RO/DI system to a mechanical float in your reservoir or a ball valve on the outlet. Adjustable flow restrictors are also included so you can dial-in the waste-to-product water ratio that best suits your water quality and your needs. Typically, you can expect 3-4 parts of waste water for each part of product water. The added water pressure from a booster pump maximizes the efficiency of the RO membrane and allows you to lower the waste-to-product ratio to a 2:1. 

AquaFX Blue Fin 500GPD Light Commercial RO/DI System

The 4-Stage Blue Fin RO/DI is a great system that produces a ton of purified water, fast. First stage in the system is a poly-blown sediment filter that filters out dirt, rust, sand, scale and silt; all the way down to particles as small as 1 micron. The second stage is a carbon block filter. Its main duty is to remove harmful chlorine that can damage the RO membrane. The carbon block also removes chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, VOC (volatile organic compounds) and others. The third stage is the heart of the system: the RO Membrane. We use a very high quality membrane that is made in the USA. The RO membrane removes up to 99% of over 100 impurities: such as calcium, sodium, phosphate, bacteria, lead and cyanide. The final, fourth stage, is the DI (deionization) filter. AquaFX DI filters are packed with US-made DI resin that is virgin grade (never regenerated) and produces laboratory-quality water. The DI resin removes any remaining impurities leftover from the RO membrane: giving you pure, zero TDS, water. 

AquaFX Blue Fin PRO 500GPD Light-Commercial RO/DI System

The 7-Stage Blue Fin PRO is built for those with more difficult-to-treat water quality issues: such as water treated with chloramines, high silicates or high phosphates. The carbon block filter is upgraded to double Chloramine Blaster Carbon filters. The Chloramine Blaster Carbon is a medical-grade carbon that effectively removes chloramines and other dissolved organics. The DI filter is also upgraded to three separate DI filters containing anion resin, cation resin and a mix-bed resin. Having three separate DI filters is popular amongst stores & hobbyists that use a lot of water as it allows you to replace only the resin that is fully exhausted. The anion is often consumed twice as quickly as the cation. Being able to change out the resins separately can add up to significant savings for those that go through a lot of water.