Better and Healthier Drinking Water for you!

Here at AquaFX, we specialize in water filtration. Not only do we provide the purist, ZERO TDS water for your aquariums, we also offer the best filtration systems for your house and for your drinking water. Our 4-Stage and 5-Stage Drinking Water Systems are great for any home and help to provide you and your family with healthy, safe & purified, drinking water. 

To take your drinking water game up another notch, add on one of our remineralization filter cartridges. 

The Remineralization Cartridge utilizes maifanitum mineral stones to add healthy minerals back to your drinking water while balancing pH and improving taste! 

The X4 Alkaline Remineralization Cartridge is perfect for those looking for the benefits of Alkaline Water. This 4-stage cartridge utilizes calcite, terracotta mineral stone, obsidian mineral stone and infrared ceramic balls to produce water with the perfect pH level, minerals and energy.  

Both cartridges include quick-connect fitting for easy installation.  

Start drinking healthier water today!