AquaFX Dry Calcium Chloride

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AquaFX Calcium Chloride Coral Munchies perfect for promoting coral growth as well as coralline algae and invertabrate growth

Part Number: C-MB-CACL-.90Lbs

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      AquaFX Calcium Chloride is perfect either by itself or as part of a Calcium and Alkalinity duo to raise and maintain appropriate calcium levels in your reef system. Monitoring and confirming that calcium levels stay at an appropriate level will ensure better coral growth, Coralline algae, as well as, invertebrate growth and health.

Directions: Fill 1 gallon Heat tolerant container 1/2 way with purified water.  Add entire bag of Calcium Chloride and dissolve, then top off the gallon jug to complete one gallon total;  wait 24 hours after first partial dose, check calcium levels, if needed dose another partial dose 

 It is always important to only use RO/DI water when dissolving your Calcium chloride. It is HIGHLY recommended to dose in partial increments of either 1/2 or even 1/3 of the total dose. Wait for at least 24 hours after the first partial dose, check the new Calcium levels and dose again only as needed.


Always dose to a high flow area of the tank.

Dose less than needed to measure the effect before adding the total amount. 


Product will release heat when mixed with water and become hot. 

Always wear gloves and eye protection when handling.

Avoid any contact with eyes, skin and/or clothes - wash hands after handling.

Store in a cool dry place, always keep package sealed while in storage. 

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