AquaFX is here when it matters!

Having been in business for over 20 years, we have learned along the way that business is not just about the products we sell, but standing behind our products and being there for our customers is just as important. 

We just got back from a trip down to Ft. Lauderdale upgrading Biota’s RO/DI system. They have had a complicated system from another company for some time. Everything was working great… until it wasn’t. The company recommended Biota to purchase and replace a few parts to get the system back up and running. Unfortunately, the parts did not fix the problem. When Biota tried to get back in touch, the company stopped responding. 

Obviously, this is a big problem as Biota has a ton of fish and corals that rely on clean water. 

Fortunately, our friend, Richard at Afishionado Channel, put Biota in touch with us and we were able to jump in and help!  Our technician, Jeromy, was able to speak with Biota over the phone to discuss their issues and help figure out an effective, and affordable, solution to get them up and running. 

We were able to use some of their existing equipment and replace the parts that were no longer working. The result included installing most of the parts of our Blue Marlin PRO RO/DI System and integrating it with their system.

  Blue Marlin PRO Commercial RO/DI System

The Blue Marlin PRO is a great system for stores, coral farms and other commercial aquatic facilities as it is a reliable and simple system that produces a ton of purified zero-TDS water. Replacement parts are also readily available, easy to swap out and are affordable. 

After a quick installation, Biota’s RO/DI system is back up and running and their fish and corals are safe. They were also thrilled and relieved that if they ever have any issues, we are only a quick phone call or an email away. Now, they can get back to providing awesome cultured corals and fish for all the aquarium stores and not have to worry about their RO/DI system again!