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How healthy is your Reverse Osmosis system? 
September 22, 2014
Uncategorized water filter purification revers osmosis ppm TDS meter coral aquarium reef AquaFX A lot of people want to know when its time to change filters and membranes. Sure people can give you a time frame but every application is different and water quality varies depending on where system is located. There really is only 1 way to tell when its time to change a membrane or a DI cartridge and that is using a TDS meter. The other 2 filters (carbon and sediment) need to be changed every 500 product gallons. Anyway, by using a TDS meter you can really monitor the health of your RO. If you test your tap water and for example you get a reading of 200PPM then we would expect to see 90% less TDS (PPM) coming out of an RO membrane which would be around 20PPM. So if your product water coming from your membrane (before it gets to the Di cartridge) isnt 90% less then your tap water TDS then it is time to replace your membrane. The DI resin should always read 0PPM if it starts to creep past 0PPM then you know your DI is starting to exhaust and will need replacing soon. Instead of guessing and wasting money one of our customers got a inline TDS meter and was so happy with the results he sent us pictures to share! Now he is certain when he does membrane and filter changes which means hes getting the most out of his system and knows exactly when to do maintenance (Notice he also has a hand held TDS meter to confirm his readings)