Afishionado-Special RO/DI System - One of's Top Products of the Year!

We had a ton of fun designing and building the awesome RO/DI system with Richard at Afishionado Channel and honored to have it be included in the best of 2022 list! Check out the video video below! best aquarium products of 2022

The Afishionado-Special 7-Stage RO/DI system is one of the best RO/DI systems that a hobbyist can buy. Not only does it have the 3 separate DI stages to give you the purest water possible, it also has:

  • the booster pump to give you maximum output & efficiency
  • the auto-flush controller to maximize the life & performance of your RO membrane
  • the adjustable flow restrictor to allow fine-tuning of your waste-to-product ratio
  • the dual Chloramine Blaster carbon cartridge to handle chloramine and other chemicals
  • and, the dual back-lit TDS monitor to allow you to monitor system performanceAfishionado-special 7-stage RO/DI SystemAfishionado-Special 7-Stage RO/DI System

We have come a long way since opening our doors in 2000. We look forward to providing hobbyists with the best filtration systems and the best service in 2023!