has been our Tag Line for 20 years and we work to keep that promise EVERYDAY.

We manufacture your water treatment systems in the USA, not just plug in a couple of tubes, but maintain a shop of Americans at work. We have produced some of the finest quality Water Treatment Systems in the country, and have all the Parts and Pieces. Over 45 years combined water treatment engineering experience available to you.


Give us a call 877-256-3467 Toll-Free 


Locally at 407-599-2123

We have the honor of serving; 

Texas A&M

The Smithsonian  

University of Alabama-Birmingham 

University of Alabama-Auburn

Armstrong State University

Bard College

Clemson University

Appalachian State University

Ohio State University

Florida Gulf Coast UNIV

Catawba College

University College London

Cedar Valley College

University of California

University of Illinois

University of Miami 

University of Kentucky

University of Southern Mississippi

University of Toledo

City University of New York

Feather River College

Iowa Western Community College

Hunter College

Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA Marshall 

Rutgers University

Savannah State University

Spellman College

University of Texas-Austin

Temple University

Purdue University

University of Wyoming

Univ Of Alaska-Fairbanks

Our wonderful zoo Clients include:

Abilene Zoo

Akron Zoo

Central Florida Zoo

and Botanical

Reef Park Zoo Tucson

Dallas Zoo, 

Denver Zoological Foundation

Fort Worth Zoo

Indianapolis Zo

Kansas city Zoo

Los Angeles Zoo

Lowry Park Zoo

Metro Richmond Zoo

Oklahoma City Zoo

Philadelphia Zoo

Reid Park Zoo

Seneca Zoo

We also work with government agencies:

Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

TAMU - Wildlife & Fisheries

Give us a call 877-256-3467 Toll-Free


Locally at 407-599-2123