AquaFX 1 Micron Poly Blown Sediment Filters 20" x 2.5"

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Sediment filters should be the first stage of RO pre-filtration.
Part Number: F-SPB 20-2-1-2

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The 20X2 Inch fits the AquaFX Blue Marlin, and others

Available in Many Sizes Including 10 x 2, 20 x 2, 10 x 4, and 20 x 4

AquaFX Poly-blown Sediment Filters are an industry leading brand. The 1-micron sediment filter (used in all of AquaFX systems) is our first recommendation to remove sediment or silt from your water supply, even in non-RO systems. 

The "Micron-Reduction" feature refers to the ability of the sediment filter to capture finer particles as the filter loads with use. AquaFX recommends to replace sediment filters when a 5 PSI pressure drop is noticed, or when the carbon filter is changed (always change your sediment filters when the pressure drops). Changing your sediment filter is a cost friendly way to insure longer membrane life. 

In applications with high sediment loading; speak to one of our technical  support staff.   Our staff is happy to work with you on an individual bases and build you the correct system for your needs.  

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