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Non Color Indicating Mixed Bed DI Resin

Non Color Indicating Mixed Bed DI Resin

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Part Number:F-MB-DI-CFT-NCI

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AquaFX Premium Blend DI Resin - 40 Lbs Cubic Foot Volume - NON Color indicating 

AquaFX is proud to be the #1 choice of hundreds of service companies and public aquariums across the country.

When your local fish store or service company needs DI resin, they cant get by with 1 or even 5 pound bags. Large jobs call for large volumes of DI resin.
So when you need to get serious with large water changes, or perhaps running a Non-RO DI only system, this is your best solution to efficiently purchasing large volumes of DI resin.
Replace the DI resin in your AquaFX system today if you are no longer at zero ppm. This DI resin will also work in any RO/DI system with a refillable filter shell, such as BRS, Spectrapure, Vertex, IceCap - If you are not sure, feel free to call us today and ask 

• Virgin Resin
• Non-Color-Indicating 
• Nuclear Grade
• Strong Acid Strong Base Resin

NOTE: Most 10" DI Cartridges will hold approx 1 Lb of DI resin. 

Why Virgin Resin?  Many resins are recycled from the Metals Industry and can add copper and other heavy metals back into the water stream.

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