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AquaFX Bio-pellet 16" Reactor

AquaFX Bio-pellet 16" Reactor

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The AquaFX Bio-Pellet Reactor is based on our standard media/substrate reactors, but with some significant changes...

    • Blue acrylic for the main body.  Made specially for us, the translucent blue color serves an important purpose - it keeps out light to reduce algae and optimize beneficial bacterial growth.   They're great in lighted sumps, or anywhere light exposure is a concern.

    • Modified internal plenum assembly.   Our original design works great with sponges and small media - the bio-pellet reactor eliminates the sponges to reduce maintenance.  Since BioPellets and Zeolithic media are designed for long term use, reducing maintainence fosters system stability .

    • Higher flow rates and reduced head pressure.  The AquaFX Bio-pellet Reactor comes set up to use larger fittings than our original reactors, so it  flows more water with less restriction.  The AquaFX Bio-pellet Reactor flows enough water to easily fluidize larger media.

The AquaFX Bio-pellet Reactor features plenums laser-cut from 3/16" acrylic. They're thick, they're heavy, they're strong and they flow great.

Every AquaFX Bio-Pellet Reactor is hand-crafted in the USA from the highest quality materials, and CAD engineered/ CNC cut for a precise fit.

Technical Specs:

Recommended Tank Size: 250 gallons Marine 
Height: 16" Overall Height / 14" Reaction Chamber  (405mm / 355mm)
Width: 6" Overall (150mm) 
Reaction Chamber: 14" x 4"    (355mm x 100mm)
Total Capacity: 155 cubic inches / .68 gallons / 86 fluid ounces / 2.6 litre
Inlet / Outlet: 5/8" 90 Degree Barb Fittings - fits standard 5/8" ID tubing

Pump for this needs to be between 250-400 gph depending on the amount of bio-pellets used. 

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